​If you have discovered the delights of growing Streptocarpus, this site is the place for you. With the help of the British Streptocarpus Society, you can expand your collection and knowledge and join the many  members who share your enthusiasm. 



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The Society was formed in September 1999 especially for Streptocarpus (Cape Primrose) growers with small, medium or large collections.  We welcome new members with a wide range of growing knowledge and experience. Members range from beginners with a few plants on their windowsills to expert growers with many years of experience. We are happy to help new members to increase their expertise and enjoyment of streptocarpus growing.


Founders:  Frank Davies, Ken Jones

President:  Lynne Dibley

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The Society holds an Annual Show which is an opportunity for growers to meet each other and discuss topics of general interest.


Due to the pandemic, in 2020 and 2021 there were Virtual BSS Shows which can be viewed on the BSS SHOW 2020 and on the BSS SHOW 2021 pages.

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If you choose to become a member, three Newsletters a year will be sent to you. These contain useful hints and tips on growing, articles for both the general and the specialist grower and a members' page with short articles and letters. A Seed Bank has been set up for both Hybrid and Species seed and these are available free to members. 



See MEMBERSHIP to find out how to become a member of the Society.

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Find the British Streptocarpus Society on Facebook on the

BSS Facebook page.

There is also a Facebook group to join: 

'British Streptocarpus Society Friends' group to share their photos, problems, successes, ideas and helpful tips.  There are currently over 700 people in the group from all over the world who are helping to spread the word about the Society and who have a wealth of knowledge to share.