CHAIRMAN'S UPDATE - February 2021


All current paid-up members should by now have received their January 2021 edition of the Newsletter, either by post or email, whichever you have opted for.  As usual it contains tips on how to care for your plants in the coming months, along with an obituary for our former Treasurer Rick Benton who sadly passed away last year.


In this update I’d like to make special mention on two subjects, Membership Renewals and overseas postage increases to the USA & Canada.


Membership Renewals

We are rapidly approaching that time of year when your membership is due for renewal.  The Committee’s decision to give you all a “free year” last year has created some confusion, so please read the following carefully:


Overseas postage increases to the USA & Canada.

We currently have several members in these two countries, with some of you receiving your Newsletters by post (the rest of you have already opted to receive them by email as PDF copies).

Our Secretary posted some new membership packs out to the USA last week and was shocked to discover that the postal rates have risen sharply in recent times.  So much so that your current annual membership does not now even cover the cost of posting out three Newsletters a year, let alone the cost of printing them.

So, we are asking you to request that you kindly opt to receive any future copies of our Newsletter by email as PDF’s.  The alternative is that we will have to increase your annual subscription to $25 per annum.  Whilst I understand that it is always nice to receive the Newsletter when it drops through your letterbox I hope you understand the need for this change and we sincerely hope that you opt to go for the more environmentally friendly option of receiving your Newsletter in future by email.

If you could please let Pauline Benton our Membership Secretary know ASAP we would be most appreciative as we are fast approaching renewal time.

We will be contacting all existing members in the USA & Canada directly to inform them of this change so apologies if you think we’re repeating ourselves.

Finally, can I remind you that the Society exists for all of you to share your experiences of growing (and perhaps showing) Streptocarpus.  I know from speaking to many of you that you all have your own methods, so why not put pen to paper (or fingers to the keyboard) and write an article for the next Newsletter. We’re always looking for interesting new articles so the more the merrier, and if you can include the odd colour photo, so much the better.


                                                                          Ian (your Chairman)



If you have discovered the delights of growing Streptocarpus, this site is the place for you. With the help of the British Streptocarpus Society, you can expand your collection and knowledge and join the many  members who share your enthusiasm. 



Explore this site to find out more.



The Society holds an Annual Show which is an opportunity for growers to meet each other and discuss topics of general interest.


In 2020 there was a Virtual BSS Show which can be viewed in the BSS SHOW 2020 and on the VIDEOS page.

In April 2021 the British Streptocarpus Society is taking part in a Virtual Flower Show hosted by Dibleys Nurseries.


Dozens of fellow horticultural exhibitors are also joining in.

It will be just like a real horticultural show with a floral marquee, expert guides, gardening Q&A sessions and a sales tent but all online.


Details can be found at and on Dibleys' website.

The show is 17th and 18th April 2021 and is absolutely free.

Sign up today at



If you choose to become a member, three Newsletters a year will be sent to you. These contain useful hints and tips on growing, articles for both the general and the specialist grower and a members' page with short articles and letters. A Seed Bank has been set up for both Hybrid and Species seed and these are available free to members. 



See MEMBERSHIP to find out how to become a member of the Society.



In addition to viewing the

BSS Facebook page,

people can join the 'British Streptocarpus Society Friends' group to share their photos, problems, successes, ideas and helpful tips. It can also be useful to share seeds, cuttings and plants. There are currently over 700 people in the group from all over the world who are helping to spread the word about the Society and who have a wealth of knowledge to share.

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The Society was formed in September 1999 especially for Streptocarpus (Cape Primrose) growers with small, medium or large collections.  The current membership is just over 550.  We welcome new members with a wide range of growing knowledge and experience. Members range from beginners with a few plants on their windowsills to expert growers with many years of experience. We are happy to help new members to increase their expertise and enjoyment of streptocarpus growing.


Founders:  Frank Davies, Ken Jones

President:  Lynne Dibley

Link to British Streptocarpus Society facebook page.

Remember to 'like' if you wish to.

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