Images of Streptocarpus plants growing on my sisters patio back in Southern Africa. 

This one lives out of doors permanently and is watered by overhead irrigation when the rest of the garden gets water.  It survives the winters out of doors under the Acacia tree (Acacia karoo). You can see the dropped yellow pompom flowers on the leaves of the strep in both images.  Night time temperatures during winter frequently drop below -1 degrees Celsius which all the plants in the pot survive without a fuss. Keeping in mind that they are positioned under the tree which offer sufficient cover to prevent frost damage. The plants in this pot are 3 years old. 

My sister being an occasional gardener, the plants are evidently thriving - Anything requiring a fuss being made of them will not survive! That however does not mean she is not interested or proud of her plants.  It is just that she works full time and time for gardening is limited. 



It contains several plants, but the one flowering now (a garden hybrid I think) is by far the most robust.






The plant in the image, I suspect has S primulifolia in it's genetic make-up based on observing this species at Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, also as a result of images found here:

and here


However - this remains guess work as the origin of the original plant is unknown, my mom having grown this from leaf cuttings of a plant she bought from a local nursery.




The plant is enormous with a leaf-tip to leaf-tip diameter of near 1200mm (120cm) and very robust grower.  Apparently, individual leaves measure 700mm centre plant to tip of leaf.  

The scale of pot and plant can be gauged by the ladies shoes next to the pot. 







In this image, you can see the remnants of "Falling Stars" with the last few flowers when this photo was taken and and another dark purple flowering garden hybrid with a few flowers remainin on them.  















I also include an image  of a Dibley's variety "Nerys".  Here also, the plant shows much longer robust foliage than I have seen it here in the UK.  This plant was a leaf cutting gifted to my sister earlier 2014.  The cat broke off all the leaves on the starter plant on arrival and the pot was relegated to the garden - all thinking that it would not survive!



Streptocarpus in the garden in Southern Africa

(Krugersdorp in Gauteng)

by Jaco Nel